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First Time at our Center?

Drive Session ($85)

Racing Simulation Primer

Our mandatory introduction for new pilots includes:

  • Training session
  • Racing shoes, gloves, suit, and helmet
  • One full-length race experience
  • Racing telemetry print-out
  • Telemetry review session

Back for More Races?

Competition Session ($60)

Welcome Back To The Track

Pit yourself against your fellow racers in a battle of speed, power, and control in a session that includes:

  • Racing shoes, gloves, suit, and helmet
  • One full-length race experience
  • Racing telemetry print-out

Championship Session ($100)

The Ultimate Challenge

The stiffest test of your racing talents, our Championship race will push your limits in a session that includes:

  • Racing shoes, gloves, suit, and helmet
  • One double-length race experience
  • Racing telemetry print-out

Racing Formats

Four Racing Formats for Your Motor-Sport Experience

Grand Prix/Formula

The staple format of Formula One racing, racers will challenge to optimally perform on the track and go the furthest distance during the session duration. Whether you want to try it alone and practice for a best time or have a great outing with a group of friends and go head-to-head, this is the format you want to best get the feel of the Grand Prix!


Twists, turns, leaps, and bounds! Rally racing is all about overcoming all manner of different terrain types and skillful maneuvering of obstacles in your path. Getting to the end is not just about how fast you can go, but how well you can handle the difficult conditions and winding course. Work with a co-driver to improve your speed and handling on these open road courses!


Be the first to the finish in this closed-circuit, mixed terrain racing experience! Compete against other drivers to be the first to complete a set number of laps and cross the finish line, but beware of the obstacles on the course and the other competitors who want to edge you out before the end!

Drag Racing

3, 2, 1, GO! Drag racing is all about testing your speed and reaction, and needs practice, practice, practice. Getting that sense of timing perfected so you can catch the start and take off is the nature of this race and, whereas drag racing usually requires you to rebuild an engine from scratch after each go, our simulators allow you the space to improve and have fun without the downtime.

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