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The first professional simulation racing center in North America!

What Do We Offer?


Vortex Racing will launch with 8 professional-level simulators identical to those used in practice by top F1 racing teams. These systems include:

- Formula 1600/2000 style
- F1/GP2/GP3 style
- Full motion with up to 2.5 Gs of force
- Rally/Rallycross/Drifting/Drag Racing

Two of the machines are specially equipped with three seats, allowing a driver to share in the race experience with up to two passengers or practice with a coach.

About Us

As North Americas first racing simulation center, Vortex Racing is about bringing the thrill and experience of racing to the world around us.

Located in Montreal, a city that is steeped in the annual excitement of the Grand Prix, we want to offer everyone the ability to get behind the wheel and feel the adrenaline rush of the race.

Whether you are the casual observer who wants to know what all the buzz is about, or the professional racer who wants to get more practice time in the most realistic setting possible, or anywhere in between, Vortex puts you right in the drivers seat.